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Updated 22 February 2012



Sponsorship - Clive Griffin Phone 01297 442952 or email uplymecats@mypostoffice.co.uk


Whilst the Branch takes every opportunity to home cats and kittens that come into its care there are always some that cannot be re-homed. These are usually elderly, have health problems, or their owners can no longer care for them for a multitude of reasons, most tragically through death, their own infirmity or loss of a home of their own.

The Sponsorship scheme was devised a few years ago, to encourage support of our long stay cats, by either sponsoring wholly or partially individual cats.

By making a commitment to pay a certain amount at regular intervals, supporters help to ease the financial burden, and hopefully feel involved with a particular cat. This can be of benefit to those who can no longer have a cat of their own.

All we ask is for a regular commitment, whether monthly, quarterly or annually.

Needless to say, whether a cat is sponsored or not, equal care is given to all – we do not spoil one at the expense of another! - although the occasional 'treat' would undoubtedly be welcomed.

If you would like to help, please contact Clive Griffin on 01297 442952 or email uplymecats@mypostoffice.co.uk

Details and photos of sponsored cats are here




Registered Charity Numbers:

203644(England & Wales) SCO37711 (Scotland)

Branch Contact Number 01404 811089

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